Meet the original Zeb. He’s a sweet pup that has taught his family a lot about what it means to live the good life. He inspired our 3 point mission: expect great quality, know no stranger, and respond to the needs of our community.

Expect Great Quality

Some may consider Zeb spoiled…but we like to think that he just appreciates the finer things in life, like plush carpet and fluffy pillows. Life’s just too short to sit on hard floors! Like Zeb, we want the good stuff - fresh, quality coffee, flavorful teas, and real food. Life’s too short for just okay.

Know No Stranger

Every person Zeb encounters is a new best friend! He firmly believes that your only purpose for being wherever he happens to be is to meet him, of course! When you walk into Zeb’s know that to us, you are more than just a caffeine-deprived person needing a fix; you’re a friend. 

Respond to Needs

Zeb has an innate sense of when someone doesn’t feel good, whether its due to illness or just having a really rough day. He can tell when something is off and will crawl up and lay right on top of you. He uses his presence to have a positive impact. In the same way, we expect to have a positive impact on our community. We want to identify the needs around us and actively engage in making our community better.  

Zeb's Coffeehouse

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